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25 July 2011

I'm so sorry!

yes, it's been a VERY long time since I've updated this page....
thank you to my ANONYMOUS commenter for reminding me of that!!

My new mailing address is :

1310 39th Ave. SE, M119
Puyallup, WA 98374

Hopefully, this is a change that will NOT be changed again for a long, long time!

I'm so sorry for any returned mail and confusion!!!
I'm also thinking about moving this over to posterous or tumblr.... i'll be sure to let you know!

23 November 2007

# 86

yum... coffee!!

# 85

# 84

# 83

# 82

hello again!

more to be posted soon. there's been some great things in my box to greet me on these chilly Fall days. updates are on the way!!

08 August 2007

# 81

i love the eyeball on this card... incidentally, it reminds me of a true-life story of my dear pal "zee-flower" who was in a rush getting ready one morning and burned her cornea with the ever torturous hot curling iron!!

18 July 2007

# 80

# 79

# 78


thank goodness it's raining today! otherwise i would have never found my postbox key until winter!! because it rained, i wore a coat i haven't put on in a few months and there in the pocket was my key. i knew it had to be somewhere hiding. so, now that i have my key- here are my latest arrivals.

20 June 2007

# 77

# 76

12 June 2007

# 75

c'mon, didn't you ever have a crush on Ducky too? he's so cute!!

# 74

a funny crack to all the "correct your address" messages that have been added to my mailings.

# 73

a great quote~

# 72

really detailed work! i can't imagine how long this one took to make!!

# 71

really neat stitching and a mail art call to join in on!!

31 May 2007

# 70

handcarved stamps made by my sis LXS!! i don't know that that recipe is for but it sure sounds good to me.

30 May 2007

# 69

My first entry from Yawnna!! Thanks!!!

30 April 2007

# 68

i think this one really irritated the employee at the mail box place!! hee hee!!

# 67

# 66

this one came with a note from my postal-person. apparently the guy that set up my box was mistaken when he told me that the PMB #309 can go either above OR below the street address... so now all my incoming mail has scribbles from frustrated employees. however, you and i both know that i'm the only one there getting all the colorful mail so it's not hard to separate my things from everyone else's boring everyday junk.

this one also came with a MOO card!!

# 65

# 64

17 April 2007

# 63

# 62